2022Front Range FactsReal Estate Trends May 23, 2022

May 2022 Front Range Facts Market Update

We keep seeing click-bait articles about potential housing bubbles, price drops, market shifts, etc. Lots of noise out there trying to create FUD to create more clicks. Well, what is really going on with the market? Are house prices in a bubble? Are interest rates popping a bubble? And who is blowing all of these bubbles anyways? Join us on this episode as co-hosts Anthony Meisner & Jim Merrion sift through all the noise and give you the 100% pure, unadulterated, hard facts about this market. Prices are still going up, but the rate of increase is slowing down, hopefully making Real Estate a more sustainable, healthier market in the long term. With inventory still at extremely low levels, foreclosures at record low levels and buyer demand still very strong, dive in with us now to see where everything is headed! Anthony Meisner, Stats Guru with Land Title Guarantee Company and Jim Merrion, Realtor with Coldwell Banker discuss the Colorado Front Range Real Estate market’s big trends and what the future holds. Check out our market update to learn more!