2022 Front Range Facts October 2022 Market Update If you invested in Colorado Real Estate in 1990, your investment would have outpaced Real Estate gains in 98% of the national market. Will Colorado sustain these gains as interest rates climb quickly? Is Colorado property still a sound investment and what impact is a changing economy having on our sales? Join us on this […]
2022 September 2022 Market Update Front Range Facts The Real Estate sky is falling! Or is it? Headlines scream of doom and gloom in housing and we are certainly in the midst of a market correction, but is it a bad thing? Or does this make the market healthier in the long term? The most recent data brings our numbers more in line […]
2022 Front Range Facts July 2022 Market Update A recession seems to be looming and it’s long shadow has reached the housing market. Higher interest rates, potential job cuts and our normal seasonal slow-down are all coming together at the same time to cast uncertainty on buyer activity resulting in a drop in pending transactions and closed sales. Join us on this episode […]
2022 May 2022 Front Range Facts Market Update We keep seeing click-bait articles about potential housing bubbles, price drops, market shifts, etc. Lots of noise out there trying to create FUD to create more clicks. Well, what is really going on with the market? Are house prices in a bubble? Are interest rates popping a bubble? And who is blowing all of these […]
2022 April 2022 Front Range Facts Interest Rates are up! Homes prices are too! Where is the market headed? Join us on this episode as co-hosts Anthony Meisner & Jim Merrion welcome back Cherry Creek Mortgage’s David Cox to lend his expert insight into this market and what to expect from the year ahead. The spring market is finally beginning to […]
2022 Front Range Facts 2022 Special Edition A Special Edition of the market in light of the Marshall Fires impact on the Boulder County Market. 2022 continues to be marked by an massive reduction in home inventory for sale. All across the Front Range, there are not enough homes for sale which, in turn, is driving home prices up to new record […]
2022 January 2022 Front Range Facts 2022 is off to a very strong start with little inventory, multiple offers in many markets and high demand. What does the outlook for the year look like and what impacts do rising interest rates, Omnicron outbreaks and increased home prices have on the local Front Range market? Take a deep dive with us through […]
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