2022Front Range FactsReal Estate Trends October 11, 2022

September 2022 Market Update Front Range Facts

The Real Estate sky is falling! Or is it? Headlines scream of doom and gloom in housing and we are certainly in the midst of a market correction, but is it a bad thing? Or does this make the market healthier in the long term? The most recent data brings our numbers more in line with what 2019 looked like, which was a healthier market that still had too little inventory. It looks like we are entering the hangover period of the COVID craziness with long term trends favoring sellers, but short term benefits to being a buyer during this market adjustment. Join us on this episode as co-hosts Anthony Meisner & Jim Merrion analyze all of the market trends and illustrate why this drop in activity will be a short-lived bump in the road. We are approaching what many would consider “market normalization” and are seeing trend lines begin heading back to the normal, historic levels. The doom and gloom the major media headlines are broadcasting now are very suspect, based on market fundamentals. We will see home sale activity continue to reduce for the next few months until it settles into the rhythm we consider a more healthy, normal rate. Anthony Meisner, Stats Guru with Land Title Guarantee Company and Jim Merrion, Realtor with Coldwell Banker discuss the Colorado Front Range Real Estate market’s big trends and what the future holds. Check out our market update to learn more!