2022Front Range FactsReal Estate Trends October 17, 2022

Front Range Facts October 2022 Market Update

If you invested in Colorado Real Estate in 1990, your investment would have outpaced Real Estate gains in 98% of the national market. Will Colorado sustain these gains as interest rates climb quickly? Is Colorado property still a sound investment and what impact is a changing economy having on our sales? Join us on this episode as co-hosts Anthony Meisner & Jim Merrion analyze the latest data and trends to determine the impact on rising interest rates and a potential recession. The data clearly shows the market has shifted some power to buyers, but overall, this is still a market in control by the sellers. Inventory is very light and demand is demographically strong, so expect there to be some negative impact to sales, but this impact is driven by a lack of available homes to sell as much as it is being driven by rising interest rates. Anthony Meisner, Stats Guru with Land Title Guarantee Company and Jim Merrion, Realtor with Coldwell Banker discuss the Colorado Front Range Real Estate market’s big trends and what the future holds. Check out our market update to learn more!